We offer to send targeted and personalized advertising to our customers who wish to do so! What's in it for you?
A guarantee of a good reception in the best conditions for you and the potential customer!

Full Package

You send us material that we can test and approve. An article will be made on our blog with a video on our YouTube channel. A newsletter with our article will be sent to our customers. The partner can also send us material to complete our article (visuals, videos, etc.)

850€ excl. VAT (Price per test)
The shipping is at the expense of the partner as well as the material sent.

Pack Promo

Do you just want to communicate about new material? Do you have a promotional offer? Then this pack is for you:

650€ excl. VAT/request
If it’s a one-time thing.

495€ excl. VAT/month
If you wish to communicate 1x/month minimum.