Our Story

It all came during the COVID pandemic!

With a collection of 40 locomotives and a hundred wagons, Sébastien Debiève (CEO) realized that it was time to draw up an inventory!

It is impossible to remember the digital addresses allocated to the locomotives (manual addresses), when the last maintenance of the equipment was done, the invoice for the equipment, the seller, etc.
Starting with an Excel file, he quickly realized that it was a “Impossible Mission”…


Beginning of the design of a specification to design the dream platform, easy to use and intuitive for everyone (for young and old!). After a poll on various forums, the specifications are complete!


Sébastien then called on his brother Bruno to conceive the design based on the specifications. The creation of the design will take 8 months. Because, yes, Sébastien and Bruno are very meticulous about the design, the ease of actions and the user experience (after all, it's their job!). And they imagine their uncles using the platform (who also have a collection of model trains!)


After the design, there is a long search for a service provider that can be suitable for our platform. A very precise set of specifications is drawn up so that it is a hosting provider that is the "greenest"! Because everything in the cloud pollutes our environment (invisible, and yet...). After 1 month, we found a service provider that met all our criteria for CO2 offsetting, using and creating green energy!


Pure development will start and will take 3 months. The installation of an ultra-secure infrastructure is of paramount importance! With replications in the 4 corners of the world.


An intense series of tests are carried out with the various service providers (data center, banking transaction department, etc.) and approved by the team!

14 December

Our baby was born and we are very proud of it! We are already working on the new features based on feedback from our customers 🙂